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Antique gold Memento Mori ring with connections to The Salem Witch Trials



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Ring details:
An antique and extremely historical Georgian ring (dating back over 270 years) from one of America's oldest families with deep ties in the Salem Witch Trials.

The two individuals on this ring both had a famous relative, Anna Dolliver (Higginson).  She was one of the first women to be accused of being a witch in Salem, on June 6th 1692.
We believe the ring is 18-22kt gold or a very high percentage of gold and a size 7-1/2.  It is NOT resizable.

There is a slight trace of black enamel left around Hannah Higginson's name.  Her golden hair is protected behind a crystal lens.  There is slight damage to the upper part of the crystal bezel and the silver border but the hair and crystal are secure.  

The engravings on the outside of the ring are:
H. HIGGINSON  OB :4: FEB 1746: AE: 31 (Hannah Higginson)
The engravings inside the ring are:
J. HIGGINSON  OB: 15 July 1744 AE 46 (John Higginson)

Hannah Higginson's great aunt was Anna Dolliver (Higginson). Her father was Nathaniel Higginson (Anna's nephew) and her great grandfather was Rev. John Higginson, one of the head prosecutors of the Salem Witch Trials.  When Anna was accused of and arrested for witchcraft,  Rev. John Higginson was able to keep his daughter from being hung and helped her move to a distant town where he financially provided for her.
John Higginson IV, who is also referred to on this ring, was a Justice of the Peace and County Registrar at Salem. His mother was Hannah Gardner (the famous Witch’s house in Salem is the original Gardner home). His great grandfather was Rev. John Higginson and his Grandmother was Sarah Savage, whose ancestors go back to the Tudors including King Henry the VIIth.
The first church of Salem and the Salem Covenants were founded by John Higginson's great, great, grandfather, Francis Higginson.

A very rare and beautiful Memento Mori ring.